after a few miles…

Come with me.

come see, what I see

I know it is worthwhile!

run with me.

it feels free.

until after a few miles-

please hold me up, 

prop me up

my legs are giving away…

but that’s okay

I’ve run farther

and just yesterday…


that dog there-

he don’t bite

just watch his bark!

that car there-

he don’t mind

he just likes to park!


and watch all of this

the Earth spin

morning until night.

my time is this

I’m back again

steps lead to right.


mind and body

spirit feels lofty

won’t you come join me?

I won’t promise

you will see a thing-

at least not what I’m seeing…

such sweat and toil

the strain will boil

but oh, there is something!


It doesn’t come easy

(unless it does

but those days are rare)

it’s not always pleasing

(unless it is

in fact it’s custom here)


Now, I’m not discussing 

the flower or bird

or even the bear.

although to be true

with my word

those things are there.

what I’m exploring

I’m often ignoring

it’s pain or joy or something

that’s imploring

or in plain hiding

which with a string of stepping

may appear in my mind

and I’ve see in no time

that this is the thing that’s been missing


come run with me

there’s things to see

after a few miles…





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