i’m dealing with

the gravity

to overcome


my body just a sack of stones

i’d hand over my arm bone

to get up this hill

to crest its top

but then on the other side

there’s that drop

where gravity pulls me

into the Earth

better use caution

or bounce ‘cross the dirt.

kinda makes me smile

(like Goldilocks)

the way these things

elevate and drop

the way I can find

the highs and lows

they tell me

breath through your nose…

I can’t get nowhere

not like that

look out there!

it’s a black cat.

you know I’m a runner

I know it’s good luck

jus’ watch out for that

raised rebel flag truck

it’s diesel black smoke

making me LOST

my lungs taken under

my vision pays the cost

county road is crumbling

right from the white line

a bike lane or sidewalk

would suit just fine.

give my taxes

for something like that

but who am I to say

hey, I’m broke flat

my breath is heavy

my legs are tired

I get home and

my brain is wired

not wired shut,

sippin’ milk shakes

open to it all,

even mistakes

it’s not perfect,

just a well worn trail

either gettin’ strong

or gettin’ frail

you can live it long

sitting on the couch

drinking the beer

growing your pouch

and hey, that’s cool

I like that too

but not until after

I work my running, smooth

in my mind

it seems like such

for those passer-bys


it’s jangly, and sloppy

and clunky and slow

still, its faster

than if I don’t go

so come along with me

we don’t have to talk

it’s better that way

we’ll stop, if we stop.

sunshine and raining

“training, not straining”

rest, if you’re tired

stated Lydiard

give me a hill,

give me a roll

let me run fast some

but mostly jog slow

yeah, I said

I can be a jogger

it’s my run

don’t need to bother

to tell me how to move

run fast enough

to regulate my mood

look at my run

it transcends quiet

I tour through a village

I run dark at night

I scurry like a human

in the hills at moonlight

my breathing ain’t measured

my time is all, right

my miles are covered

from fall to fall

my footprints are everywhere

in the snow and the ice

my neighbors know now

that I’ve got a vice

an hour of breathing

make it 2 ,3, 4

you know if you’ve done it

anything but a bore

to run through a mind

to search what’s inside

reveals itself

only after some time

those solutions

work like a potion

no computations

this running motion

be still the commotion

if it can be stilled…

run a little harder

if it’s something to kill

so, let me run short

or let me run long

the length of my shorts

can make me feel strong

traverse a mountain

forests atop Beech

then give me a beer

and a bed to sleep…

many miles,


and sleep

gravity is pulling

and it pulls real steep

there’s plenty here

but nothing to keep


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