Acclivity Necessity

I came into town on a night

in December

My eyes couldn’t see,

driven too far 

where I come from, you won’t


the girl in the corner keeps reading… 

my stars

She’d like to believe, she can’t

see scars

It’s so bright in this place, it’s hard to
start seeing
it’s well taken care of, things each
have a place
there’s shiny thrones, with wipes for
nobody will burden, nothing too 
if they only cared to, I’d be

on my way

mother and father, gave a
sister and brother
my uncle and aunt kept my tongue

clean with soap .

some guy in LA, gave me visions
of some kind of another
I was just happy to be sliding
down slopes
if I only cared to, I’d come out of the covers

but in this darkness

everything floats

in a winter like this you take what they
give you
only the bravest can go out on
their own
she’s holding my hand, her face
seems accepting
Believing most of these problems are
way overblown
and if I cared to, I’d get on with improving.

but something seems ill when it’s all mine-

mind to own

the wind from the west, is
never ceasing
it comes with scents, as old as
the breeze
I wanted to rest here, I came for
the breathing
my lungs are not stretched out, taste like
they bleed
and if I cared to, I’d know this is living

is more than a need.

and slower or faster by moments 

we heed

the truth is the moment no judgement


there is only now, no forever

stays a mystery

I can’t see back there

vanished to grey

and darkness shrouds

sounds slipped insane

from observation it’s easy to mention

conjunctions confuse junctions

like rain

we can’t see a thing

so we sing

we can’t hear a thing

give me bling

we can’t feel


it’s numbing the plumbing

residing with me

I once could tell you

“just rise above”

before I’d been shoveled over 

by fear

I once could show you

invincible love

before I’d been shadowed

by fear

I once could hold you

before I’d seen failure

deposited here

and now I’m quiet,

so quiet

I’m hoping you’ll stumble like I did in here

and we can sit silent together

in fear

like some kind of forever

a fairy tale, dear.

a curse of the wicked?

or decisions unclear?

where habits are trampled

in favor of fear

and love is a knowledge

though numb, it’s sincere

and I still need a way out of here.

the bubble is small, 

and somehow clear

clear enough feel your pain

my thirst is quenched while you give your tears.

and still you smile

remembering years

while I face my style

and pray for more years

and we neither see now

is our moment to steer

we wrestle with time

love versus fear


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