rain man comes

the rain man comes with his magic wand

asks Ramona, “are we having fun?”

‘Mona jumps up on the shelf

it falls down and she hurts herself

oh, oooh- oh!

down the block there stands a dog

sunshine shining through the smog

traffic stops horns have honk

bum limps in a donated smock


Truck driver turns his brain off quick

wheels keep rolling by a kid

rock star swerves spills his drink

daylight gone, night on the rink

woah- oh-OOOOh oh!

‘Mona and her lookin’ glass

sees it all and sees it fast

Rain Man is in his disguise

wonderin’ when a man gets wise

oh- oh- oh- oh

we ain’t goin’ nowhere, mama

we never been before this comin’

it’s all lookin’ different, honey

we can’t come back, it’s now only

oh? oh. ooooh oh!

black top slick, light is caught

boots so heavy, start the rot

sounds like ‘drip’, ‘slop’, ‘plop’

something here in the dark

ooooh- ohhhh, woah!

flowers grow, snow will freeze

touch my face, block the breeze

here’s my coat, wrap it up

at least we have a couple crops

oh. oh. oh. oh.


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