Knuckles and Wrinkles

You wish me the best

Wishes don’t grow on trees,

hold me, and touch me how

I never ask you to.

I see everything through silence

And feel when you stumble

There are passages

(Check the debris

It’s not hiding)

I am

And you’ll fail

I’ve decided

To shift expectations.

Wish me the best

“Take care”, you say.

You turn into an old hag

The kind under a Buick

Knuckles and wrinkles

A lifetime ago and getting fatter

I’ve not gone anywhere

But around the world

landed south of the flatlands

west of the Atlantic

too many seat cushions

and pairs of boots

I know myself well

Unless we examine worth

I’m a bargain

If you have a strong back

And love plastic

And are quick with a rope,

A kind hand

A low horizon


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