White Porch

You, you look into my eyes

you, you say, I love you

I, I can’t say- I can’t say nothing

but I, I have so much to say.

Oh, oh, just come on in here

oh, the things you’d see

babe, you might go running

can I trust you with me?

you know, you know it’s no question

and I know, I know all about you

but me, that’s the question

I’d hate to, I hate to give this to you.

when I saw you, you were the only

when I saw you, I was the lucky

when I was lucky, I hoped you weren’t leavin’

and now, I can’t believe in- anything.

so babe, come back here to me

my arms are closed too long

and my heart, it is a-talkin’

you need to be closer to hear its faint voice

I an’t going nowhere, and I’m long coming

and I’ll be here, for your kind smile

please, know, this is no game

I just like it, to be quiet this way.


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