certificate of participation

Mary tried to warn me

she knows all about choice

she pleads with me for wisdom

but she can’t hear this voice

and the images and the dreams

the way they each fall down

and wait below my feet

she’s already back in town.

Back when we had watches

buried in the mist

when the rain was there to float in

when a fern was a place to kiss

back when our moments

were free to come and go

sure it was something special

but now, we know, we know.

after midnight the bridge is lowered

as the storm waters fall in rocks

she asks me to hold her

as we place an order in the box

and we share our long staring

how strange it does seem

that we take in all this visage

just to escape from our dreams.

I wrote it down to tell it.

alligators sparred with snakes

my brother took the credit

he does that before he shakes

and the fur is shaken upward

pleading to go outside

I’m the man of the house

you get back to sleep, it’s alright.

forever I felt depression

my memory tries to fool

reminds me of the time

I was smiling in a pool

but the chemicals are overridden

for the fear of exposure to

a walk outside of this prison

with my reactionary crew.

once upon a time the sun was blinding

the breath was deep and clean

the eyes could see forever

the skin was soft and felt everything

this room has turned all musty

the studs closing in

though- I knew from the beginning

you don’t come ’round here to win.


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