valley of the spark

when the heat is so hot

you can’t buy a breath

and the death is so near

you always knew this death.

just hours prior

in the shade, you shivered

and that heavy bottle’s

cool couldn’t be protected.

look, across the valley

goblins and walking wind

drying up the weather

they get nothing of what you spend.

near the town made for a river

here, sage and dust

take caution where you step

lest you disturb the bio-crust.

it’s me or that religion

I won’t ask you to choose

it’s me and that religion

later on, we’ll each lose.

I pulled down the brim

I stared at the distant wall

distracting the horizon

over where cavemen fall.

my frame has no reference

the pictures fill the wall

my physics all exploded

ruminating an endless hall.

I sit and stitch together

Bob advises I move on

acceptance sounds appealing

Past still holding strong.

I can see the writing

I can feel the breeze

love ask me for love

I fold up at the knees

a friend could lend an ear

it’d be cheaper over beer

this town is feeling small

nothing left ’round here.


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